eCommerce Dashboard

Maximize your marketing impact with Omnichannel Growth Intelligence and a new eCommerce Dashboard. Control and optimize your store even better with all the data from Marketing software and eCommerce platform visualized in one place, in real-time, available 24/7. eCommerce Dashboard provides you with an at-a-glance overview of the current situation in your store. Make better decisions in a much shorter time, optimize strategies using real-time view of the omnichannel revenue attribution, and increase ROI.

At-a-glance performance overview of your store, in real time, accessible 24/7.
Clearly separated data from eCommerce and Marketing platform, visualized at one place.
Expressively distincted revenue sources in the form of easily readable revenue attribution graphs.

5 steps to success with eCommerce Dashboard

Visualize your data

Identify dependencies and patterns. Easily visualize your data. Use various graphs, charts, and other visuals to quickly identify patterns, dependencies, and trends.

Bridge your eCommerce platform data and marketing data in real time

Leverage Growth Intelligence to boost your business, and connect your eCommerce platform with your marketing data in real-time from one convenient location. You'll have the insight and data you need to maximize the impact of your business and drive growth.

Get a better grip on business activities

Maximize your omnichannel impact. All of your vital data in one place—from sales, to revenue attribution, to digital marketing performance. Drill down into specific metrics and understand connections in omnichannel campaigns to maximize your efforts.

Access your data live 24/7

Make informed decisions and solve problems faster. With this intuitive dashboard, you'll have access to an array of information, so you can streamline your eCommerce operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Identify hot areas at-a-glance

Make more informed strategic decisions. Identify the most critical performance indicators at-a-glance. Gain an in-depth analysis of your eCommerce environment. Efficiently streamline workflows, re-allocate resources and make more informed strategic decisions.

eCommerce Dashboard for impact-hungry eCommerce marketers

Real-time sales analytics (today so far) available outside the eCommerce platform

Real-time visits with 360-degree profile overview

Data access live 24/7

Loyalty building effectiveness overview

Top-tier omnichannel revenue attribution (both channels and tools)

Maximize eCommerce revenue growth… the lean way