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A/B/X Testing & Optimization

Analyze and improve the performance of all of your campaigns. Make sure you’re using the best possible content and delivering it in the best time. Define KPI-s for your tests and let the system do the job for you.

A/B/X Testing & Optimization

Key Features

Set up rules for testing all kinds of campaigns to automatically improve their effectiveness by choosing best performing variants.

Define unlimited number of test scenarios in workflows and set priorities for different user paths

Send e-mail campaigns’ variants with higher open rates or click-through rates

Display website banners which generate more clicks

Compare reactions to different creatives

Find optimal campaign delivery time

Test different amount of fields in forms and landing pages

Use AI e-mail subject recommendation engine to review wording in your campaigns

Set up control and test groups for all kind of automation processes

How to set up tests in SALESmanago

A/B/X Testing & Optimization
  • Select campaign type (e-mail, landing page, workflow, etc.)
  • Decide what you would like to test (creatives, time, etc.)
  • Define for who the test should be performed
  • Set up time frame
  • Choose what should happen when the test ends

What campaigns types can be optimized with A/B/X tests

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