Customer Data Platform

Build 360° customer profiles in a unified and persistent customer database with data collected from multiple sources and touchpoints. Manage structured and unstructured data with a single customer identifier. Execute hyper personalized omnichannel communication perfectly fitting customer preferences and behavior.

Use a single customer view to display all zero-, first-, and third-party customer data collected across all acquisition channels.
Predict the customer behavior and preferences and use insights and recommendations delivered by the platform to create a next-level Customer Experience.
Translate knowledge about your customers into hyper personalized marketing campaigns and processes.

360-degree Customer Profile

Harness the power of zero-, first- and third-party data to create a single customer view to truly understand their needs

Unified database

Integrate structured and unstructured data collected from multiple sources in a unified and persistent customer database with a single customer identifier

Actionable data

Make the right decisions and improve your marketing processes in the company, based on the collected data

Packaged System

Use a set of ready-to-use features, in a marketer-managed system, that allows using customer data to communicate, segment, and upgrade their Customer Journey

AI Predictive Analytics

Find optimum next move with a client to satisfy its needs, increase engagement and its lifetime value by predicting the chance to buy or risk of churn

AI-driven offer personalization

Analyze behavioral and transactional activity patterns of your customers and deliver 1-to-1 and AI product recommendations for cross-selling and upselling

Unlimited data ingestion capabilities

Personal contact data

Customer segmentation

Interests and preferences

Online transactions

Offline transactions

Website visits

Browsed products

Reactions to outbound communication

Favourite communication channels

Customer’s activity time

Probability of purchase

Churn prediction

Purchase values

Purchase sources

Survey responses

  • Capabilities
  • Unified Customer Data
  • Real-time capability
  • Open access
  • Persistent customer profiles
  • Packaged system
  • Cross-channel personalization
  • Marketer-managed
  • First-party data
  • Third-party data
  • Zero-party data
  • Anonymous contacts data
  • Monitored contacts data
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