Social proof

Create unique, interactive customer experience in the buying process by displaying simple notifications on the product page that show other user’s interest in this product. Prove them they’re right about buying it.

Social Proof

Key Features

Use intuitive social proof widget editor to create your own notifications perfectly fitting your store’s design and decide on the display options

Choose the widget type to decide what customer activities should be shown in the notification

Select the placement position where the notification will be displayed

Customize the design of notification to fit your store’s looks

Select the device types on which you want widget to be displayed

Animate the appearance of the notification

Choose the moment of notification display

Decide on the time range for calculating users’ interactions with the product

Analyze notifications’ statistics for further optimization

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What are the key benefits for your business?

Shorten the time to make a purchase decision by creating an impression of competition in access to limited goods

Increase sales conversion by showing how many people have already bought a product recently

Increase the attractiveness of the product by showing the number of users who also displayed the product

Boost customers engagement by interacting with them with dynamic animations

How it works

Social Proof
  • Social proof functionality allows you to specify the rules responsible for the method and time of displaying information on the product page about the number of users who:
  • displayed product
  • added product to cart
  • bought the product
  • The system allows you to define additional parameters for displaying notifications:
  • don’t show when number is less than
  • show values in the range X-Y
  • apply a multiplier of users
  • select time period for


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